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Trans-Am on Rick’s Vintage Mid Ohio

Rick sent us these great photos of his AC2Car powered track. They highlight some of his latest scenery up dates.

The cool Trans-Am cars in the foreground are resin body scratch built cars (RMS resins)with decals from(Slotcars4u) .

Rick writes, “Big thanks go to Dave Reinecke (RMS resins) and Tim Millward (Slotcars4u) for the super great service”

Note how the roadway on VMO Raceway “undulates”. (I love that word)

A layout routed of MDF gives a track builder the ability to create exciting changes in elevation.

Though Rick’s track is 1/2″ thick, now we are finding that 3/8″ thick MDF makes adding rises, dips and banking even easier.

Great to race on, and even better for realistic track scenery!





  1. KlausB
    June 11th, 2009 at 14:11 | #1

    Hi Rick,
    rear one, that is an outstanding track.
    I discovered the track on oldslotracer.com. Already the unfinished track pleased me. Very beautiful layout. Unfortunately there was no possibility to sent an email or post a comment. Therefore I searched in the Internet and found this side with pictures of the finished track.
    Do you have measures or a construction design of the course?
    Do you have more photos of the track, after it was finished?
    I would be pleased much, if you would send me that or contact me.
    With kind regards from Germany

  2. sprocket
    January 9th, 2011 at 11:36 | #2

    Hello Rick,
    Like Klaus I saw your track on oldslots and absolutely loved it, as I’m
    just organising to build a track I would love it if you could email a plan of it if you still have one,
    I’m in Australia and was wanting to build a circuit to suit my
    Daytona Prototypes and your track is just perfect.
    If you haven’t still got your plan photos and track size would be great.
    Hope you can help
    Regards,(from Australia)
    Daryl Mitchell

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