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Scale Guardrails on Larry’s San Marino Road circuit

Some track builders have been asking about the guardrails on the San Marino raod course. Dave used the same method of building a stout yet realistic guardrail when he had to create a robust  1/32 scale rail for the top of his high banked Monza turn on his own scale track.  See Legends International Raceway in the “Our Tracks” page and refer to pictures of his Monza turn for more examples. He replicated that effort on Larry’s track below.



This steel Aramco guardrail is actually a silver painted length of 3/4" fluted wood molding available at most lumber yard and building centers.


In this close up you can see the detail that Dave added with a simple lead pencil to imitate fastners at each 3/8" X 3/8" post. The posts are all set 4 1/2" apart with a verticle line representing individual rails 12 feet long. Also note the shading with graphite to weather the guard rail and accentuate the fluting.

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