April 5th, 2009

Not Sure if AC2Car is for you? We have had so many guys sing the praises of AC2Car after they came out to a race night. Here are just a few comments from around the world!

“I really appreciate the time on your track, its a thrill to race so many guys at once! If I happen to win just one race it really leaves me speechless. What a rush ! ! ! ” – Phil in Grand Rapids

“Jimmy, Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy your hospitality and for the wonderful experience of racing on your fabulous track.  The experience was an eye opener… a totally new dimension to racing.  No more balls to the wall and hold on.  I have not enjoyed racing that much since we received our first H.O. track one X-mas back in the mid 60’s.” – Jim Walters in Ypsilanti

“The racing is so smooth” and “its much cooler to race on a landscaped track” – Julius in the UK.

“So, I hooked up an AC transformer, using the diodes shown on the AC2Car site. I’m not running multiple cars in the slot, I’m just testing how I like running on AC to start….
1. Using AC allows a much more finite measure of control on the cars. You can literally creep the car around.
2. Due to the difference between AC and DC, the cars don’t have the torque and power off the line I’m used to. The car accelerates the way a real car would, not an instantaneous gob of wheel spinning power.
3. Due to the differences in power, the cars aren’t nuts to drive as some higher powered cars seem to be. Case in point: The vintage 1970 F1’s of Scalextric. I HATE the way these cars drive on my DC track, even at 10 volts. Jerky and fast. This totally changes with AC. They are fun to drive, and you can see them.
4. Stock cars can be run on them, as long as you’re not using the 2 car per/lane method.
1. No brakes. HOWEVER, I did not find this to be an issue, as the cars are more controllable and still stop just fine. It also makes you drive the corner a bit different.
2. The opposite of the plus side of power. If you’re used to coming off a corner, hammering the gas and having the car spin the wheels and get sideways, you won’t have that. Interestingly enough though…my lap times are within .6 of a second on my track with a stock Scalextric T/A car using DC power. I think with more practice, I can beat it.
Overall – you’d think without the off the line power we’re used to, it would be slow. Nope. The cars are just as fast at the end of the straight as they would be with DC, just takes a second to get there. Again, in my book, it is a little more realistic. The cars do exhibit a GROWL when driving. Very unusual, but totally normal.” – Dave in Colorado

“I have been able to drive  few laps now and it is very motivating! AC2Car is very interesting to drive. The control you have unbelievable! Plenty of power and speed too.” – Ernest in Netherlands

“AC2Car is amazing to drive!  The amount of control you have is very cool.  The sound the cars make is pretty cool too.
Thanks for posting all information so I could build it.” – Martin in Chile

” I’m usually the only runner at my house, so this would give me the ability to have 3 jam cars on the new track along with me.
Anyway, a very interesting concept, and certainly worth looking at! BTW, the lights on the cars work as normal.” – Dave in Colorado

” I made it over to Rick’s Vintage Mid-Ohio for an intro to AC2CAR last night.  Wow – what a terrific layout he’s got.  I just had a blast driving on it and geez, what a cool technology this is.  I can see why you guys are so passionate about it – it’s awesome!  Absolutely loved the performance of the cars.”  – Pete in Michigan.

“AC2Car  is amazing to drive!  The amount of control you have is very cool.  The sound the cars make is pretty cool too.
Thanks for posting all of the information so that I could build it.
AC2Car is VERY fun! It is like every one of my cars is a new car to learn to drive on this track. Some cars I did not really think were all that great on standard Carrera track are a blast to drive on a wood track with AC power! You have so much more control and the sliding corners are amazing.” – Rob

“I have two local friends that I regularly get together with and so the AC2Car is appealing because the 3 of us could race cars without having to modify the cars at all. The AC2Car construction essentially doubles the lane length of the circuit, allows each car two distinctly different laps around the circuit and provides for some very realistic bumper to bumper racing without the cost of chipping cars to digital. ” – Steve

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